PhD Programs Online and Part Time PhD Programs

There are a wide array of reasons why graduates are increasingly looking to earn their PhD degrees on a part time basis. Many professionals who wish to take their careers to greater heights are not able to leave their jobs due to financial and/or personal commitments. Enrolling in one of the many part time PhD programs enables them to reach their goals while maintaining their personal and professional responsibilities. PhD programs online are quickly becoming the number one choice for those who are looking to earn their degree as it allows them the flexibility to organize study times that fit into their lives.

More and more of the countries top accredited colleges and universities understand the growing need for part time and distance PhD programs and now offer a wide array of part time PhD programs within their curriculum. These degrees are of the same high caliber as those earned full time on traditional college campuses. Although part time students are generally given more time than their full time counterparts to complete their course work, the same requirements must be met for both delivery methods. Some schools will however, place restrictions on students’ work loads but continual registration is typically required for all part time PhD programs. This can be an important consideration in cases where a student can foresee the need to take a break from studying for an entire semester. It is estimated that about half of all students working towards a PhD degree are doing so on a part time basis.

It is important to do as much research as possible since some schools do place certain restrictions on students who enroll in PhD programs online on a part time basis. Previous work experience in the program’s area of study is often a prerequisite and of course it will take longer to complete part time PhD programs. Another area to be watchful for is that there may be limitations in regards to insurance and financial aid for some part time programs.

Finding the best PhD program can be a daunting task but the more research one does, the more information you will be armed with which will help you make a more informed decision.  It is crucial that one spends some time to understand fully what your long term career goals are and of course you own personal academic interests. There is little point in earning a PhD in a field that you are not passionate about. Part time PhD programs involve many years of study and a steadfast commitment on the part of the student and therefore must be in an area that you can envision yourself in for the long term.

Choosing the right school is equally as important and some comprehensive research will once again give you the information you need to make an appropriate and well informed decision. Some important factors to consider will be the success of the programs alumni, whether or not you will be able to find an advisor that matches your personality, fellowships and of course funding your degree for the duration of the program.

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, students have greater choices in part time PhD programs in a large number of disciplines. PhD programs online are also more readily available and can often provide students with more scheduling flexibility. The key to finding the right PhD program is to take the time to research all your options and to be passionate about your chosen field.