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Most professionals realize that reaching the top levels of their chosen career mean earning a PhD in their field. A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is recognized as the highest achievement in most fields and requires a degree of commitment that is equal to the rewards that such a degree offers. Since this line of study is largely focused on research, one way to begin searching for the best PhD programs is to look into schools where the research by faculty members has been of great interest to you.  In most cases it will be much easier to find a suitable mentor whose advising style matches your specific needs when you share similar views and goals of the school’s faculty.

There are of course other issues to consider when choosing from the best PhD programs such as fellowships, research opportunities, funding, as well as the success and reputation of the school’s alumni. Although it is important to research all the top PhD programs, there is one factor that should always be on top of your list for determining which school is best for you; which is the students themselves. Even if all of the criteria that you have determined to be the most important have been met, it will be you, the student who must have the determination and dedication to create a positive learning experience.

A large part of a student’s funding for a PhD degree often comes from working within one of the school’s departments or lab’s which are covered by research grants. Since each department of a PhD program has developed its own unique culture, teaching and research style, it is crucial that they closely match your own way of learning. For those that have chosen the medical field as their career, MD PhD programs rankings are always high on the list of factors when looking for the right college to obtain their degree. Speaking with colleagues in your field as well as those who are currently earning their degree may also raise issues that you had not previously considered.

Since college rankings can differ greatly even within the same disciplines, it is always best to view a number of different MD PhD programs rankings. There are also several key questions one needs to be asking which should be taken into account as important factors when weighing the pros and cons of each college one is considering. The first and maybe the most crucial question is whether or not an MD PhD program is right for you. You will need to consider what your long term career goals are to determine whether or no this is the right path for you. If you plan to be involved solely in clinical research then your medical degree along with a Masters degree would be all you need. If however your goal is to participate in research and make new discoveries then choosing one of the many top PhD programs would be the right choice.

Another important question for prospective students is where to apply. Applying to more than one school is advisable but given the costs of applications and interviews this can be prohibitive. Keep in mind that many schools will waive these fees for students with low incomes. Costs aside, between 8 and 10 schools are a good number to consider. Results of your MD PhD programs rankings should play a role in which and how many schools you will be applying to.

There are of course many other factors that must be taken into account. However, all things considered, it often comes down to choosing the school that has left the best impression on you and one that you feel will help you achieve both your long and short term goals. Some of the best PhD programs that cater to your “wish list” may not appear in the rankings of the top PhD programs but may indeed be the best choice for you. Gathering as much information as you can and talking to as many people as you can is important, just remember that the ultimate decision must include a college that matches your personality and learning style.