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Business PhD Programs, PhD Programs in Business, PhD Programs Business

The business PhD prepares seasoned professionals to work in universities as professors or in the area of conducting scholarly and highly specialized research projects. They also give graduates the skills necessary to develop new and innovative theories in economics or business management as well as a host of other related fields. An important aspect of PhD programs in business is to develop strong and focused analytical skills that are necessary for top level positions in a variety of business settings.

PhD Programs in Education, Education PhD Programs, PhD programs Education

Advancing one’s career in the field of education these days almost always involves PhD programs in education. These advanced programs are designed for professionals who wish to gain more comprehensive knowledge in the theoretical and practical aspects of educational psychology, the administration and planning of educational related activities and social principals in education.

PhD in Nursing and PhD in Nursing Science

A PhD in nursing sciences is the peak of the nursing career. Holding a doctorate of nursing science assures you of an endless stream of career opportunities in health administration as well as clinical research and advanced clinical practice. The PhD is also the doorway to a career in nursing education, where qualified individuals are greatly needed to ease the growing nursing faculty shortage, a crisis that has surpassed the nursing shortage itself.

Online PhD Programs in Psychology, Clinical and Counseling  Psychology PhD Programs

As a professional educator, researcher or practitioner, you have already focused your skills on helping others and making a difference in the lives of those within the community. However, in order to have a greater and more positive impact, the right degree, such as a PhD in Psychology is essential. Taking the next step in your career means being able to incorporate relevant research, theoretical study and evidence-based practice along with your professional experience for an even greater positive effect on the people you work with. The cultural diversity of both individuals and communities present in today’s society demands a more thorough study of possible solutions to helping people lead fulfilling and productive lives.

PhD in Social Work, Social Work PhD Programs, PhD Programs in Social Work

The PhD in Social Work is a higher academic degree for social workers who wish to further their careers. As a PhD candidate you will gain experience at the doctoral level in education, training in advanced practice, teaching, supervision or research. Whether you are interested in becoming a more qualified social worker at the practical level or wish to pursue research, a PhD provides you with the necessary tools to enhance your professional career.  The degree typically leads to more leadership roles in academic teaching and research or in social work.  You can influence important policy developments at local or international levels with a doctorate degree.  As a social worker you strive to serve people who have multiple or complex needs.  With a PhD in Social Work, you will undoubtedly be instrumental in furthering social policy for delivering necessary health and human services.  Social work takes a variety of people and resources to create positive life change. Social workers help others view problems from all sides to overcome adversity.  Promoting social work education is a way for socially conscious people to make a significant difference in the world through service and leadership.  A social worker’s success is often defined by the opportunities people enjoy thanks to their intervention. Social workers champion access, equality and fairness.  The social work profession was established more than 100 years ago to provide as many people as possible with the tools and support they need to overcome adversity, such as poverty, illness, addiction, abuse, discrimination, etc. and reach their full potential. The profession also works to modernize current systems and customs that limit the ability of individuals and groups who may be vulnerable and assists them in leading fulfilling and productive lives.

PhD in Accounting,  Accounting PhD Programs

Due to the looming shortage of accounting professors, this is an excellent time to pursue a doctorate degree in this field.  Accounting PhD programs are currently seeking highly qualified CPAs who want to pursue such careers. The recent shortage of accounting professors with a PhD has also led to salary increases for those with a doctorate degree.  Job prospects in the market will remain strong for several years to come, due to the anticipated retirement of older professors, as well as the current shortage of new professors.  The number of accounting doctorates granted nationwide has fallen significantly over the last decade.

PhD in English, English PhD Programs, PhD Programs in English

PhD programs in English focus on literature from England and the British Isles to the U.S., Australia and even South Africa. Students will develop their writing skills as well as learn about the history and structure of the English language, and study the literary greats.  Book lovers often choose an English major because the degree involves the study of many short stories, novels, essays and poems. Students who have earned a degree in English might end up working in many different careers, from writing to teaching to academia.  A doctoral degree in this field is also excellent preparation for graduate studies in library science, education or public administration.

PhD in History, History PhD Programs, PhD Programs in History

The focus of PhD study is the research, preparation and presentation of a significant piece of original research.  The study of history PhD programs is intellectually demanding and students are expected to work largely on their own initiative.  They must be capable of organizing their own research, and motivated to pursue their ultimate goal of a doctorate degree. The history PhD program is suitable for students who have acquired a basic background in historical studies.  They should have obtained a foundation in research training, usually through a Master’s degree.  A substantial amount of training in areas such as communication and team-building is recommended for all PhD students and are also expected to train in professional skills suitable for historians as well as attend seminars and workshops.  Opportunities for training as a teacher are also available.

Executive PhD Programs

The focus of executive PhD programs in business is to further the development of effective organizational leadership.  The program provides senior executives with knowledge and expertise required to identify, understand and successfully manage big picture issues inherent in global business management.  Students will be provided with skills in formal social inquiry in order to address complex issues.  They will also propagate knowledge related to their professional world with a view to influencing public policy.  Unlike traditional doctoral programs, this degree is not tied to a specific discipline rather and is not focused on academia however; research and writing are critical elements of this study.  This program will further develop the skills of professional executives who are currently active in business ventures and who possess a master’s of business administration, or equivalent degree.  Students in this program desire to further develop their careers in industry – both nationally as well as globally.  The program helps executives further develop their capabilities by teaching the skills of applying relevant knowledge and research to business problems that arise in day-to-day business ventures within companies.  It also focuses on the desire of intellectually active professionals who wish to continue learning in order to take their education to a higher level.  The program teaches students to further develop their ability to think in global terms and use their expertise to respond to worldwide trends.  Students collaborate with key stakeholders and contribute to practical problem solving.  The three semester program focuses on the decision-making, analytical and technical skills required to compete in today’s ever-changing financial environment and is well-suited for established professionals who want to update or expand their functional knowledge.

PhD in Sociology and  Sociology PhD Programs

The study of sociology encompasses human social systems and examines various cultures and how these cultures interact with one another.  A career in sociology is devoted to human and group interactions, as well as social development, including politics, populations and related organizations.  Sociologists are responsible for studying and analyzing social activities of groups including their traditions and beliefs as well as their political and legal standards.  Sociology PhD programs allow experienced professionals to pursue advanced research and post-secondary teaching positions.  As a student in a PhD in sociology program, you will conduct extensive research in order to study advanced sociological and political science concepts.  Sociologists develop theories about modern social conflicts and strive to develop workable solutions.

PhD in Counseling – Counseling PhD Programs, PhD Programs in Counseling

Counseling PhD programs enable you to get your doctorate, which opens more career opportunities, particularly in governmental, educational or human resources jobs. Statistics show that the earning potential for people with doctorate degrees is much higher than those with master’s degrees. PhD programs in counseling will get you on your way to success and achieving your goals and affords students opportunity to study a full curriculum.  Counseling in PhD programs are extensive and up-to-date in this ever advancing and evolving field and is currently in demand for more highly educated practitioners.