Executive PhD Programs

Today’s complex global environment in the business world requires professionals who can compete in this ever-changing area.  Organizations are now looking to leaders who possess interdisciplinary skills and knowledge to maintain their competitive edge in today’s economy.  The global economy has provided U.S. businesses with ever increasing opportunities for growth.  It has also changed the way business is conducted.  Consequently, there is an increased demand for professionals who can resolve complex business issues.

The focus of executive PhD programs in business is to further the development of effective organizational leadership.  The program provides senior executives with knowledge and expertise required to identify, understand and successfully manage big picture issues inherent in global business management.  Students will be provided with skills in formal social inquiry in order to address complex issues.  They will also propagate knowledge related to their professional world with a view to influencing public policy.  Unlike traditional doctoral programs, this degree is not tied to a specific discipline rather and is not focused on academia however; research and writing are critical elements of this study.  This program will further develop the skills of professional executives who are currently active in business ventures and who possess a master’s of business administration, or equivalent degree.  Students in this program desire to further develop their careers in industry – both nationally as well as globally.  The program helps executives further develop their capabilities by teaching the skills of applying relevant knowledge and research to business problems that arise in day-to-day business ventures within companies.  It also focuses on the desire of intellectually active professionals who wish to continue learning in order to take their education to a higher level.  The program teaches students to further develop their ability to think in global terms and use their expertise to respond to worldwide trends.  Students collaborate with key stakeholders and contribute to practical problem solving.  The three semester program focuses on the decision-making, analytical and technical skills required to compete in today’s ever-changing financial environment and is well-suited for established professionals who want to update or expand their functional knowledge.

This is one of the nation’s most innovative executive-level degree programs now being offered in select universities and is attracting a high caliber of executive professionals across the country.  The executive PhD programs differs from traditional doctorate programs because it is tailored to the busy executive who wishes to maintain their current career, while furthering leadership abilities in the global market.  The program typically appeals to professionals who have had 15-20 years of work experience in the business environment and are of an average age of 45.

If you are one of the many experienced professionals with a successful career, and you wish to enhance your marketability, the PhD executive program may be right for you.  On-line executive PhD programs are an excellent way to maintain your current status in the workforce, while working towards a rewarding degree that will assure you of continued success in today’s global markets. To learn more about this challenging degree, we have provided links to school search engines that will allow you to further research the exciting possibilities that are available.