PhD in Accounting,  Accounting PhD Programs

Due to the looming shortage of accounting professors, this is an excellent time to pursue a doctorate degree in this field.  Accounting PhD programs are currently seeking highly qualified CPAs who want to pursue such careers. The recent shortage of accounting professors with a PhD has also led to salary increases for those with a doctorate degree.  Job prospects in the market will remain strong for several years to come, due to the anticipated retirement of older professors, as well as the current shortage of new professors.  The number of accounting doctorates granted nationwide has fallen significantly over the last decade.

Although earning a degree in PhD accounting or any form of Online PhD Program can be a long and difficult process, the rewards are considerable.  Studies have found that educational institutions that grant doctoral degrees in accounting pay significant base salaries to assistant recent graduates.  Universities generally waive tuition for doctoral study, since most students serve as graduate assistants. Accounting faculty can often earn competitive salaries, thus giving a lucrative payback of the investment for the PhD student. At many universities, new PhDs earn more than current professors who have held doctorates for several years.  The academic community as well as the accounting profession, make major contributions in accounting research as well as teaching, resulting in service to educational institutions. Despite the demanding workloads, these professionals convey a high level of satisfaction within their career paths.

Many professors indicated that they enjoyed the flexibility of the hours inherent in the university environment.  Having summer months and holidays with family was also a significant benefit. As faculty, they enjoy the freedom to pursue research opportunities relevant to their interests.  Holding a degree in accounting PhD programs will also contribute to substantially higher salary levels.

Without giving up their current jobs CPAs have options such as:

  • teaching accounting courses at local colleges or universities in the evenings or weekends
  • distance-education or online courses are now available with many well-known educational institutions

Although the coursework requirements will vary depending on the institution, the program will consist of PhD research seminars as well as additional graduate work in accounting, study in other business disciplines such as statistics, finance, information systems, economics as well as courses in quantitative research.  Accounting PhD programs are intended to mentor students and assist them in becoming high-quality researchers. The programs are rigorous and usually take a minimum of four years to complete. After roughly three years of coursework, the student prepares their dissertation.  Universities traditionally fund students during the doctoral program with stipends.  Since students work as teaching and research assistants, their tuition is waived.

Recently, programs were created to provide financial assistance to doctoral students, in order to alleviate the shortage of CPA’s. Accounting societies have contributed significantly to the goal of increasing the numbers of PhD graduates.

This field of study is demanding, challenging, and ultimately satisfying.  If these challenges appeal to you, please use the school search engines below to obtain more information on how to enhance your career path with studies in PhD Accounting.