PhD in Counseling – Counseling PhD Programs, PhD Programs in Counseling

Counseling PhD programs enable you to get your doctorate, which opens more career opportunities, particularly in governmental, educational or human resources jobs. Statistics show that the earning potential for people with doctorate degrees is much higher than those with master’s degrees. PhD programs in counseling will get you on your way to success and achieving your goals and affords students opportunity to study a full curriculum.  Counseling in PhD programs are extensive and up-to-date in this ever advancing and evolving field and is currently in demand for more highly educated practitioners.

Most importantly, a PhD in counseling gives you deeper knowledge and expertise in your specific area of counseling psychology. A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the traditional psychology degree that places an importance on research and clinical training which is why it is essential to find the right program that will best suit your needs. With all requirements met, a successful completion of the counseling PhD programs enables students to apply for licensure as a psychologist and greatly enhance your career opportunities.

Counseling PhD programs offers an extensive overview of advanced research and study in counseling theory and techniques, including up to date and rising issues in the field. You will also study such topics as human sexuality, grief and bereavement counseling, child and adolescent counseling, geriatric mental health issues, and compulsive and addictive behaviors. People who specialize in a specific area are often human service or counseling professionals pursuing leadership, consulting or faculty positions in human services or educational settings. This course of study also encourages individuals to better understand themselves and their own behavior in an effort to help their clients in a more practical manner. Making these vocational-educational decisions is facilitated with through the course curriculum that covers marriage and family systems as well as individual mental health related crises. As Such professionals teach communication and other interpersonal skills, time and stress management, parenting as well as help with normal developmental processes.

Counseling PhD programs focuses on developmental issues or those issues involving nonconforming development. PhD programs in counseling may target individuals, families, groups, systems, or organizations. They may do remedial work with individuals or groups in crisis, or work in a developmental, preventative role by providing information and training to prevent crises or more serious mental health problems. In these roles, they often function as educators.

Counseling PhD programs may also function as researchers in agencies, organizations or academic settings. They may evaluate current practices and programs, develop and test new interventions or study the characteristics of the populations they serve. They may also do basic research on human development, behavior change or related issues. Consequently, doctoral students develop research skills that will enable them to contribute original research to the profession as well as to evaluate individual and program effectiveness.

Preparing for the future is essential and PhD programs in counseling will enable you to succeed and achieve both your professional and personal goals. Find out more about the programs and schools that offer these doctoral programs by making use of the school search engines that we have provided for your convenience.