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PhD programs in English focus on literature from England and the British Isles to the U.S., Australia and even South Africa. Students will develop their writing skills as well as learn about the history and structure of the English language, and study the literary greats.  Book lovers often choose an English major because the degree involves the study of many short stories, novels, essays and poems. Students who have earned a degree in English might end up working in many different careers, from writing to teaching to academia.  A doctoral degree in this field is also excellent preparation for graduate studies in library science, education or public administration.

PhD programs in English literature are geared to the student’s particular area of interest.  Although courses can vary according to the student’s area of concentration, typical coursework in English PhD programs would include:

  • Literary theory
  • Early American and postcolonial literature
  • Medieval literature
  • Contemporary American literature
  • Contemporary British literature
  • Renaissance literature
  • Victorian literature
  • British Romantic poets

For those who possess abundant creativity and have a way with words, writing is a desirable and sought-after profession.  Whether you aspire to work in the academic world, conducting research in a university environment or a lucrative occupation in the private sector, a doctoral degree in English will provide you with countless opportunities to pursue your passion.

Holding a PhD in English, career opportunities are abundant.  In the private sector, specific types of writers include caption writers, copywriters and creative writers.  As a writer you create by researching a topic using journals, personal observations, interviews or personal experience.  Writers revise given material for consistency, clarity and logic.

The most common career choice for graduates of English PhD programs in literature is a professor of literature.  Most doctoral students learn the methods of studying literature to teach those methods to others. Other possible career options include:

  • Literary critic
  • Author
  • Researcher
  • Academic consultant
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Literary agent

When you possess a PhD in English, salary levels are considerably higher as you will qualify for the coveted high-paying positions in both the private and public sectors.  As a professional with a PhD degree, high-paying career opportunities abound.

For professionals who wish to pursue their PhD while continuing their current careers, on-line learning (distance learning) is an excellent vehicle for facilitating their goals in order to acquire this desirable degree.  Today’s advanced technology allows students to actively pursue their goals of acquiring a PhD in English, while maintaining their current day-time employment  On-line programs offer you the flexibility to study at times that fit into your particular life-style and schedule.  Many accredited institutions now offer on-line programs for professionals who wish to continue their advancement within their desired field of study.  Researching and comparing many different educational institution allows you to make that all important decision that can change your life.  You will also find essential information regarding grants, loans and other areas of financial assistance to complete your degree.

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