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The focus of PhD study is the research, preparation and presentation of a significant piece of original research.  The study of history PhD programs is intellectually demanding and students are expected to work largely on their own initiative.  They must be capable of organizing their own research, and motivated to pursue their ultimate goal of a doctorate degree. The history PhD program is suitable for students who have acquired a basic background in historical studies.  They should have obtained a foundation in research training, usually through a Master’s degree.  A substantial amount of training in areas such as communication and team-building is recommended for all PhD students and are also expected to train in professional skills suitable for historians as well as attend seminars and workshops.  Opportunities for training as a teacher are also available.

During the first year, a typical course of study would entail an introductory colloquium in historiography (methods of historical research).  This course is designed to introduce students to the history and current state of historical scholarship.  To sharpen their critical skills students will be acquainted with an array of interpretations and analytical tools.  The Curriculum involves intensive reading and discussion of secondary material with some writing but does not necessarily require an original piece of research.  Most PhD programs in history require at least two semesters of organized research and writing, usually in graduate research seminars.  Students work on research projects under the supervision of a faculty member and ordinarily involve extensive research in primary and secondary sources.  Students will prepare an original paper modeled roughly on scholarly articles in professional journals.  Candidates in history PhD programs are required to conduct original research that is supervised by faculty.

As a doctorate degree is a commitment of considerable time and resources, it is recommended that you research many different educational institutions before taking that all-important step. To help you get started we have included some school search engines below. Most major colleges and universities now have websites that provide a wealth of information on their PhD programs in history.  Some of these educational institutions may also be close enough to visit which will give you an opportunity to get a better feel for their physical environment.

You may also consider studying for a PhD in History via distance learning.  With advancements in technology, many top colleges and universities now offer online PhD programs.  If you are a full-time working professional and wish to enhance your career path with a PhD, you may consider online programs.  Distance learning allows you to continue your current occupation while giving you the opportunity to earn the degree that will enhance your earning potential in the future.  In today’s competitive workforce, earning a PhD gives you the advantage necessary for personal as well as financial success.  You can move forward with a PhD degree while maintaining your professional and personal career path.

If you desire a challenging and demanding course of study and wish to learn more about the path to a more successful career, please use the school search engines below to gain more insight in this field.