PhD Programs in Education, Education PhD Programs, PhD programs Education

Advancing one’s career in the field of education these days almost always involves PhD programs in education. These advanced programs are designed for professionals who wish to gain more comprehensive knowledge in the theoretical and practical aspects of educational psychology, the administration and planning of educational related activities and social principals in education.

It is a unique opportunity to expand your impact and help to influence the way education is delivered to students in your community. Education PhD programs can place you in leadership roles in the creation and implementation of new and innovative educational policies that will affect the quality of learning for all students. This highly coveted degree also enables those with a true passion for teaching to secure appointments as professors or lecturers in colleges and universities throughout the country. Many administrative positions such as principal or superintendent of schools also require one to hold a PhD in education.

Among the countless PhD programs, education is by far one of the most common and versatile with a wide array of specialties that one can focus on. PhD programs in Educational Technology have become a vital area of specialization as more and more schools become internet savvy. Being able to integrate appropriate technologies into a school’s daily curriculum is essential in providing students with the necessary skills they will need to compete in today’s workforce. Regardless of your chosen field, Technology Education PhD programs will enable graduates to keep pace with the rapid advancements that are constantly taking place and to understand how these changes can affect today’s students.

A doctorate degree will typically take several years to complete with most professionals not being able to or perhaps unwilling to leave their jobs for such extended periods of time. Among the many online PhD programs, education still remains one of the most popular for the working professional. Learning through accredited online programs allows one to continue gaining valuable experience while preparing for greater career advancement. The requirements and course studies for both traditional and online programs are generally identical and usually demand 15 additional courses after a master’s degree which will include a dissertation for defense.

There are a number of majors that fall into PhD programs in education some of which are:

  • Curriculum which includes instruction curriculum and teaching
  • Educational administration
  • Counseling
  • Educational Psychology
  • Policy
  • Educational leadership
  • Linguistics
  • Higher Education
  • Adult Education

One area of education that is gaining considerable attention is that of Early Childhood Education which includes primary grades. With new research in the critical role that education plays in the lives of young children, new and innovative concepts are immerging in how we work with and teach this particular age group. For this reason, there is an increased demand for trained professionals who can lead the way in developing and implementing more effective ways of interacting with today’s young learners.

Both education and technology are fields that experience rapid change and have a tremendous effect on one another. In order to provide up-to-date and relevant learning opportunities for all students in all age groups, educators must consider expanding their own knowledge base by seeking out education PhD programs whenever possible.