Online PhD Programs in Psychology, Clinical and Counseling  Psychology PhD Programs

As a professional educator, researcher or practitioner, you have already focused your skills on helping others and making a difference in the lives of those within the community. However, in order to have a greater and more positive impact, the right degree, such as a PhD in Psychology is essential. Taking the next step in your career means being able to incorporate relevant research, theoretical study and evidence-based practice along with your professional experience for an even greater positive effect on the people you work with. The cultural diversity of both individuals and communities present in today’s society demands a more thorough study of possible solutions to helping people lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Psychology PhD programs in a variety of specializations will give dedicated professionals the necessary tools to continue important work within communities, schools, organizations and mental health care facilities. The reality for most working professionals is that personal, work and financial responsibilities makes it almost impossible to return to school on a full time basis. Together with this knowledge and greater technological advances, many top colleges and universities now offer part time and online PhD programs in Psychology in order to reach more people who wish to reach the next level in their careers and to be recognized as leaders in their field.

One of today’s more popular programs is a Counseling Psychology PhD which prepares students to work as a licensed psychologist working directly with clients. The work of a counseling psychologist involves helping people recognize and build on their own strengths as a way to lead healthy lifestyles, make positive personal and career choices and to engage in healthy and functional relationships.

Clinical Psychology PhD programs differ slightly in their specialization and promote prevention as well as early intervention by providing various treatment options to those suffering from extreme psychopathology. Clinical Psychologists often work in group practice settings, psychiatric in-patient hospitals and clinics, community health care venues as well as in private practice. The study of Clinical psychology encompasses four main areas of focus, which are:

  • Research and academic inquiry
  • Clinical practice
  • Practicum modules
  • The humanities and depth psychology

Students enrolled in Psychology PhD programs will generally follow a logical path of instruction using a practitioner/scientist pattern of coursework which also includes fieldwork experience. PhD programs in Psychology offer a wide variety of specializations and methods of study. Whether your goal is in Clinical Psychology PhD programs or a Counseling Psychology PhD, prospective students can now readily choose to study on a traditional college campus or enroll in one of the many fully accredited online PhD programs in Psychology. The most important factor to keep in mind is that one must have a passion for helping others, possess the dedication and determination to attain a Online PhD Program and understand the stringent requirements in place for admission into Psychology PhD programs, some of which can include:

  • Submission of two papers from previous psychology courses which should include one laboratory or research paper
  • Have attained a baccalaureate degree
  • Competed 24 undergraduate psychology credits
  • Up to five letters of recommendation, one of which will show your potential in the area of research
  • A clear and articulate statement outlining your long and short term professional goals