PhD in Sociology and  Sociology PhD Programs

The study of sociology encompasses human social systems and examines various cultures and how these cultures interact with one another.  A career in sociology is devoted to human and group interactions, as well as social development, including politics, populations and related organizations.  Sociologists are responsible for studying and analyzing social activities of groups including their traditions and beliefs as well as their political and legal standards.  Sociology PhD programs allow experienced professionals to pursue advanced research and post-secondary teaching positions.  As a student in a PhD in sociology program, you will conduct extensive research in order to study advanced sociological and political science concepts.  Sociologists develop theories about modern social conflicts and strive to develop workable solutions.

In order to enroll in a sociology doctorate degree program certain prerequisites must be met.  Students do not necessarily have to possess a master’s degree in sociology; however, they may be required to take prerequisite sociology courses to meet credit requirements.  Most programs require students to submit official transcripts, GRE scores and a personal statement.  Researching many different educational institutions is highly recommended in order to find the program that is the right fit for you.

Sociology PhD programs encourage students to conduct independent research through a doctoral dissertation.  This program also allows students to find a specific area of sociology to study, e.g. political systems, social inequality, race and gender, ethnography or urban sociology.  With regard to program coursework, students focus on a doctoral dissertation.  Their dissertation is a culmination of research and findings amassed by the student during their years of study in the program.  The dissertation represents a large portion of the academic credits needed to graduate.  Traditional courses are also offered to help students understand research-based sociological models and theories.  Many people earn such degrees because their career paths require it, still others seek a doctorate to increase their earning potential and improve their chances for promotions.

Career opportunities for sociologists with a PhD are virtually boundless.  The following are some career prospects available with a doctoral degree.

  • International Relations
  • State or Federal Government
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Work
  • Health Care
  • Child Welfare
  • Urban Social Work
  • Business Consultation
  • Military
  • Education
  • Corporate Business

Whether your passion is in academia or in the private sector, the earning potential for a sociologist with a PhD is significant according to recent government reports.

If you are currently enjoying a career and would like to pursue a PhD without having to sacrifice your current lifestyle, an online PhD program may be for you.  With advancements in technology, distance learning allows you to follow your academic dream while maintaining your current position in the workplace.  With the flexibility of online programs, your career goals or academic goals are able to be realized.  More and more accredited institutions are now providing recognized programs designed for the working professional who wishes to attain that degree necessary for advancement and personal growth.

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the possibilities and myriad options available with a PhD degree in sociology, please browse through school search engines below.